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Travel with Turkish Towel Co

If you're going on a holiday we definitely recommend you pack your Turkish towel! Turkish towels are a perfect travel companion for so many reasons. They become your best friend from the moment you leave the house. Turkish towels roll up compact and fit nicely in your carry on luggage. You can use your towel as a pillow or blanket on route to your destination. Our towels are made from the best cotton so it does a great job at keeping you super warm in freezing air conditioning. 

When you arrive at your travel destination your Turkish towel comes in handy for all those beach trips or dips in the pool. The best part is, because they are so thin and absorbent they dry quickly in the sun in between swims. Such a relief that you never get stuck with having to dry yourself with a damp wet towel.

Turkish towels roll up so tight that you can pack more than one towel and not use up too much space. You can use one towel for a pillow and one two lay on without needing to worry about taking up any extra space in your day bag or luggage. 

Turkish towel are a travellers best friend, once you've taken them on a trip we'll guarantee you'll never want to travel without one again!

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We love everything about turkish towels, water, beach and everything that rhymes with sand.

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